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Syndicate RPG is a (RPG) gamemode for Garry's Mod featuring over 35,000 lines of Lua code. After being released commercially in 2016, it is now free to download! # Install Instructions - Install DarkRP - this gamemode is derived from it - Drag the gamemode to your gamemodes folder - Copy /syndicate/gamemode/config/config-default.lua to config.lua so your config changes are not overridden every time you update. - Edit the settings in config.lua - the defaults will work too - Edit /syndicate/gamemode/config/mysql.lua with your MySQL settings - Start and join your server, type 'fadmin setroot ' into the console to make yourself admin - Press F4, go to admin, and setup your territories, spawns and buildings - Use the admin tools to configure power sockets, capture points and cash spawns - If you wish to rename the gamemode to DarkRP so it shows under DarkRP, do the following: - Done! # Features - **Equipment** Players can equip and dequip armors and weapons from their inventory. Once they do this, the attributes from the item will be applied to them. (Eg extra health, fire/ice damage ect) - **Quests** The gamemode has a powerful quest system implmeneted. Quests are randomly given to NPCs around the map, including errand & base defense quests, or both! Quests give blueprints & other items to players. - **Armor** Once the player crafts armor, they can equip it and it will update their model & give them the attributes of the armor. All armors are upgradable using any armor upgrades gathered in game. There are currently 5 separate armor sets in the game, all of which can be mixed and matched - **Crafting** Once a player accquires a blueprint and crafting materials, they can begin crafting using the Blacksmith NPC. If a player crafts a weapon or armor, the items level will be randomly chosen, along with its class and upgrade slots. Players can increase this level using items in the game - **Buildings** Once players buy a door in a building, they will own it and be charged the rent for that individual building. Other players will be able to use a buildings capture point to control it. Whatever map, it's simple to configure buildings to work with this gamemode. Just walk up to a door, press F2 and set the building. Then use the admin power, capture point and cash spawn tools to configure the building spawns. You can then go into the F4 menu and set the rent of the building. And more...

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