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This is a Workshop supported addon, the download will direct you to the Steam Workshop.

# Prop Hunt X A continuation gamemode rework from Wolvin's Edit (previously from Version H Rev. I) with some additionals from Pre-v16. This gamemode is a "Reworked" version of Prop Hunt Enhanced version from pre-16 and finalize them with revision (or) version with codename "X". In addition, this include several optimisation, code restructures & changes, tweaks, cleanups and more. # What is Prop Hunt (Enhanced) X This gamemode is similar to current Prop Hunt: Enhanced development lineup, but include several new features: - Multi Language Support - New HUD - Proper Prop Rotating Technique (coming soon) - Minor Game Mechanics changes - Feature-rich & customizable gamemode - More gamemode events (coming soon) - Prop-to-Hunter attack (coming soon) - Tweaks and Optimisation - Team Balance and Team Switch Control - Possible works without Fretta (coming soon) - And any other implementations... (more to come) However, there are several changes with codes structure which was cleaned-up, new HUD & user interface, mechanics and optimisation that should be (or already) included in future updates. This is may also a part of a continuation version 15 (rev. I) which will be a finalized version and continue with revision changes. # Support Prop Hunt: X Reworking PH:X is slow. You can help to support the development by donating: # Official Public Test Server We hosted public test server to make sure we can monitor with the gamemodes. There can be some live-changes made in the server. You can join to our server at: (Currently located on Asia) # Report Issues & Feedback Feel free to open discussion thread on this workshop or Report any possible problems (error, bugs) on GitHub Issue Tracker here: or Join to our Discord: for support. # Changelogs View current changes made to Prop Hunt X. We also provide future changes. # External Links Official Page: Alternative Downloads & Beta Branch: Resources: Plugins or Addons for PHX: # Quick Guide Head to and navigate to "Installing" section.

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