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# YourRP, your rules, endless possibilities [Multiplayer Gamemode] [BETA] ## Create your Roleplay you like to have. Please read everything before starting to ask or have questions, if something is not full clear, then ask This is not darkrp and wouldn't work with it if you need help, click on the link ## Server/Admin Features - Completely configurable In Game - Press [F8] (as admin) - SQL-Databases - Roles (Jobs) and Groups - Create Roles ingame without restarting server - Instructor -> Can promote and demote other players - Ranked promotion system with auto whitelist - Spawnpoints for Groups - Whitelist for roles and groups - Restriction System for spawning (using usergroups) - Money System, which is completely configurable - Custom currency symbol ($, €, ... before or after the value) - Create complete houses instead of a single doors - Server saves every players data (Automatically) - Position/angle of player - Role - Money - Owner of building ... - Server saves all settings (Automatically) - all things you made in F8 - Settings - Metabolism (stamina, hunger, thirst), can be turned off and on - Add Weapons, Entities or Vehicles to the Buy Menu (F11) - DarkRP Addons integration - Some darkrp addons are not supported: job creating addons, rank addons, buy menu (F4) addons ... (Why? because yourrp has it built in) ## Client Features - HUD Editor, for every player - You can change size/position/color - Minimap - You can promote and demote as an instructor - Three Viewpoints (FPP, TPP, FPP Realistic) - 3D InGame-Voice - Toggleable name plates - ATM (Bank) - Sprint uses Stamina - Metabolism - Hunger ( under 20 % you get damage ) ( over 20 % will heal you ) - Thirst ( over 20 % will fill up your stamina ) - Stamina ( if stamina or thirst is under 20 % you get slowed half of current speed ) - Custom chat (resizeable and moveable) - Buy Weapons, Entities or Vehicles in the F11 Menu - Handcuffs - Jail-Board (For entering time and reason) - Keybind changer - Inventory - Keybinds - Chat commands - Console commands Links (Write and talk with developers)

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