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# You must disable FAdmin to use this, or two scoreboards will appear. - In order to disable FAdmin, navigate to your darkrpmodifications folder. - Go to lua->darkrp_config->disable_defaults.lua - Inside of there, find DarkRP.disabledDefaults["modules"] - Set ["fadmin"] = true and save then start your server. # Configuration - There is a config file inside of the lua folder. Edit the links, ranks etc inside of there. # Features - Fully customizable ranks, including name and color. - Clickable link to your website. - The ability to change the name displayed above the title. - The ability to inspect a player by double clicking on their name. - From the inspect menu, you can use several commands: - Teleport To, Bring, Freeze, Jail, Spectate. - Hide commands from specific users. - Ability to mute and unmute players. - Displays the amount of people on the server. # Requirements - ULX must be on the server. - FAdmin must be disabled in DarkRPModifications. - You must be using DarkRP as a base gamemode.

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