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# BetterChat A Better ChatBox that focuses on letting you make the ChatBox you want! BetterChat introduces channels, emotes, text modifiers, extensive per-channel settings, and even optional giphy support! ## NOTES: - This chat requires ULX, and integrates the support very thoroughly. - To enable giphy support, you will need to generate a testing giphy key for your server. ## Feature list: - Channels - Player - Team - Admin channel that integrates ulx asay - Group channels that can be user created and managed - Private Message channels that integrate ulx psay - Logs for admins, all messages from any channel, for all players are forwarded to this channel - Prints - Optional team overload (for DarkRP or DarkRP derivative gamemodes) - Emotes (requires extract with gmad.exe to customise) - Giphy support (you will need to generate a beta API key [here]( - Nicer text input (all the normal text shortcuts you'd expect from a full text editor) - Autocomplete (with visible suggestions) on player names, ulx commands and emote names. Suggestions based on usage - Chat history - Clickable links - Discord style text modification (\*_italics_\*, \*\***bold**\*\*, \~\~~~strike-through~~\~\~, \_\_underline\_\_) - Text colouring, via `[#rrggbb]` (in hex, e.g. `[#ff0000]` for red), or `[@red]`. Colour tags set the text colour until the next colour tag. Use `[#]` to reset back to white. Example usage: `[#ff0000]This is red, [@green]this is green, and [#]this is white :)` - Extensive global and per-channel settings - Customisable player quick access menu (quickly run ulx commands or any custom command on players via a menu) - Fully integrated DarkRP Support (including groups, FAdmin, PM, etc.) - Ulx permission support for all special features (giphy, groups, text modification, etc. ) - Plugin support and many more smaller features, you just gotta try it out to find them all! :D If a player on your server does not like this chat, it can be disabled in Q->options->BetterChat without error. ## Addon Compatibility: Some chat based addons aren't fully compatible with BetterChat, I'll try to fix any I can, but some require the other addon to be changed. I'll list any addons that require this in the Compatibility Discussion, along with how to fix them. ### Currently Known Compatible Addons: - DarkRP - ATags (with and without DarkRP) ## Shortcuts: - Ctrl + s : Toggles current channel's settings panel - Ctrl + Shift + s : Toggles local player's quick access menu - Ctrl + e : Toggles emote menu - Ctrl + Backspace : Removes last word - Ctrl + Shift + Backspace : Removes all before caret - Ctrl + Tab : Next Channel (Or swap emote mode, when Emote menu open) - Ctrl + Shift + Tab : Previous Channel - Ctrl + 0,1 ...,9 : Select respective channel (Or insert respective emote, when emote menu open) - Ctrl + w : Close tab - Ctrl + o : Toggle open channel tab - Tab : Autocomplete ## ULX Permissions - **bc_chatlogs** : Enables the 'Logs' channel which receives all messages from groups, PM, team, etc. - **bc_giphy** : Ability to use !giphy if bc_server_giphykey is valid - **bc_color** : Ability to use `[#ff0000]Red` in chat - **bc_groups** : Ability to use BetterChat groups - **bc_italics** : Ability to use `*italics*` in chat - **bc_bold** : Ability to use `**bold**` in chat - **bc_underline** : Ability to use `__underline__` in chat - **bc_strike** : Ability to use `~~strike~~` in chat

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Nice chat, but the design is old

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i wish u told us how to add it

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