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This is a Workshop supported addon, the download will direct you to the Steam Workshop.

An ATM for Garry's Mod, used on a lot of DarkRP servers # THIS ADDON REQUIRES ARCLIB TO FUNCTION!! Quick setup guide * Enter "arcbank admin_gui" in the console once you're in-game to get to the admin panel. From there you can customize almost everything about the addon. * Remember to add weapon_arc_atmcard to your DarkRP jobs * To save the ATMs, open the admin gui, then click Commands, then click "Save and freeze" * In order to change the look of the ATM, you can also type "arcbank create_atm default" in console to edit the default ATM. Or type "arcbank create_atm my_custom_atm my/model.mdl" to create a new one. * If you or other players are getting a "Not high enough player rank" error, you'll have to add your custom groups to the ARCBank settings. Otherwise, your VIPs, Donators or whatever won't be able to create an account. ARCBank has account ranks. This way, you can have your VIPs have higher interest than your regular players. The accounts are ranked like this: Standard, Bronze, Silver, Gold. There is also Group Standard, and Group Premium. Just add the your usergroups to the usergroup_* settings. (usergroup_1_standard, usergroup_4_gold, etc.) usergroup_all lets you create any account. This should only be used for superadmins or owners. * If you're running a custom gamemode, you can download and modify it to your liking * If you want to use MySQL (not required) do the following: 1. Go to SERVER/garrysmod/lua/arcbank_plugins/server/ (If the folders don't exist, create them. 2. Create a file called "mysqlcfg.lua" (The name can be whatever you want) MAKE SURE IT'S NOT mysqlcfg.lua.txt! 3. Paste the following in: ----------------------------------------------- ARCBank.MySQL.EnableMySQL = true ARCBank.MySQL.Host = "localhost" ARCBank.MySQL.Username = "root" ARCBank.MySQL.Password = "password" ARCBank.MySQL.DatabaseName = "database" ARCBank.MySQL.DatabasePort = 3306 ----------------------------------------------- 4. Change the settings to your liking. 5. Restart the server

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