Ski Printers 1.0.2 by Coleski123

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Hello, everyone, my name is Coleski123 I have created some simple DarkRP money printers for you all...If you just like some simple nonadvanced printers for your server well you have come to the right place!...So anyway I am willing to share my money printer addon with you all but I need just one thing if you guys can please subscribe to my youtube channel that would mean the world to me...I am currently working on some new add-ons and should be done in the next month or so anyway take care have fun--- --Install Instructions-- - Drag the ski_printers folder into your Garry's Mod servers addons folder GarrysModServer\garrysmod\addons --Features-- - ULX/Fadmin Support - Easy to config --DISCORD-- If you would like to join my discord server feel free here is a link!

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