Anti-Prop Griefing (APG)

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# This will still require a prop protection addon Compatible prop protection addons (with CPPI) Falco's Prop Protection (FPP) PatchProtect Simple Prop Protection (SPP) ⚠ Don't use more then one prop protection/anti prop griefing addon at a time! ( You have been warned! ) Features & Notes ✅ Easy install and configuration ( Just say !apg ) ✅ Customizable blacklist of entities to protect ( props, wire, etc ) ✅ Props ghosting/unghosting on physgun ✅ Disables prop damage to players ✅ Controls prop pushing against players ✅ Controls prop pushing vehicles ✅ Controls prop surfing ✅ Blocks many types of exploits ✅ Blocks stacker exploit ✅ Blocks fading door exploit ✅ Blocks Advanced Duplicator exploit ✅ Blocks tool gun spamming ✅ Allows to toggle the use of the toolgun on the world ✅ Ability to check entities around the prop for stack's ✅ Ability to block vehicles damages against players ✅ Ability to make vehicles not collide with players ✅ Allows to block physgun reload ✅ Allows to block moving contraptions (props that are welded together) ✅ Supports anti-trapping for fading doors. ✅ Send a message to admins when a large stack of props is detected ⚠ Detours PhysgunPickup for better confirmations ⚠ Detours SetColor to prevent stuff from turning purple/pink unexpectedly ⚠ Detours SetCollisionGroup to prevent overrides Lag triggers are based on fancy algorithms and timers, if you are getting false positives try messing around with the values.

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