Glorified Anti-Cheat (GAC)

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Pretty simple install Features/Detections Code # Description 100 Anti C-var manipulation triggered 101 C-var manipulation results haven't returned 102 Suspicious keybind pressed 103 Illegal net message called (backdoor) 104 Illegal console command detected 105 Joined from family shared account 106 Anti render-hack detection triggered 107 Global 'external' function detected 108 Anti-external cvar response not returned 109 Anti-citizen detection triggered 110 Ban evasion 111 HTML RunString detected 112 Anti menuhook detected 113 Source Crasher detected 114 Anti-neko cvar response not returned 115 Methamphetamine detected 116 Payload Verification failure 117 Integrity check failure 118 Bigpackets detected 119 Join verification failure 120 Debug Library Anomaly 121 Debug Library Check Failed 122 Player joined with VPN 123 Unauthorized lua execution 124 Lua environment manipulation 125 AntiLua information did not arrive in time 126 AntiLua network manipulation 127 Engine Prediction detected 128 No Recoil detected 129 Anti-Aim detected 130 Anti-Screengrab detected

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