Entity Crash Catcher v2

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This script detects entities that are moving too fast, leading to a potential server crash. Make sure to configure the convars in the script to best fit your server. # Convars - gs_crazyphysics (default "1"): Enables Lua crazyphysics detection - gs_crazyphysics_echo (default "0"): Inform players of ragdoll freezing/removal - gs_crazyphysics_interval (default "0.1"): How often to check entities for extreme velocity - gs_crazyphysics_speed_defuse (default "4000"): Max velocity in in/s an entity can reach before it's frozen - gs_crazyphysics_speed_remove (default "6000"): Max velocity in in/s an entity can reach before it's removed - gs_crazyphysics_defusetime (default "1"): How long to freeze the entity for during diffusal By default, the script only checks prop_ragdoll and hl2mp_ragdoll entities. To add more entity classes, add an entry to the tEntitiesToCheck table. tIdentifyEntities is the table of entities to run through TTT's identification process. GitHub: https://github.com/Kefta/Entity-Crash-Catcher

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