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For DarkRP 2.5.0 and above. The most popular and best leveling system for Garry's Mod! Features 7 Money Printers - Normal printers that store money and XP. You can add new printers very easily! Database Support - This script integrates directly into DarkRP's database. This means that it works with SQLite and MySQL! No tweaky setup required! HUD - The HUD looks good and provides level infomation to players. The XP bar is animated, and fits right in! Easy Installation - Drag and drop one folder Supports future versions of DarkRP - This script doesn't edit any of DarkRP's core files, so you don't have to worry about reinstalling the script when you update ULX Support - Allows you to set levels and add/remove XP with ULX (optional) Huge Configuration - This script is VERY easy to customize. You can change everything from one file. Installation Drag and drop all 3 folders inside this folder into your servers garrysmod folder. To configure the general system settings, edit config.lua To edit printers and books, edit printers.lua and books.lua

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