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? Bumble's Comms System! ? | Customisable | Enable/Disable | Easy installation! TO CONFIGURE THIS ADDON DOWNLOAD IT HERE AND EDIT THE "bc_config" FILE: https://github.com/Bumble420/bComms-System Bumble's Comms System is an easy, simple global chat command system that can be fully customised to the server's needs! Colours, prefixes, commands and variables are all completely configurable! With easy enable/disable features in-game for superadmins to not disrupt your server! bComms is a simple but useful customisable chat command system! Allow your server to communicate with one another in roleplay and configure the chat to anything you want! Bumble's Comms System can be enabled and disabled in-game by superadmins using the console command "comms_enable" and "comms_disable" the console commands and messages can be configured to allow easy enabling and disabling in-game and keep the flow of your server! Features Easy to edit config file, makes changing values a lot easier for non-coders. Fully customisable global chat prefix! Change the roleplay chat type to anything you need! Perfect for MilitaryRP, StarwarsRP and can be used as an alternative to /advert for DarkRP! Enable/disable console commands for superadmins! Allow your server admins to enable and disable the comms for events and RP situations without disrupting the flow of your server! Customisable chat command! Easy change the chat command for use, (default is /comms). You can even add multiple commands for even easier access (/c for /comms)! Simple configuration! Configure "cl_init_bcomms" and "sv_init_bcomms" to change the prefixes, colours, commands and more! Markers are placed on lines of code to show the configurable areas! Credits to FarikLOL for helping with the showcase video! If you have any issues, feel free to make a support ticket! If you require further more intricate support contact me on Discord "Bumble#1000"

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