Levels and Skills

Nicolas Seller
uploaded ago


Description This addon combines a level and skill system, allowing players to gain rewards for killing NPC's, enemy Vehicles, or just playing on your server. Features: - Easy to follow configuration. - Earn experience by default from killing enemy LFS Vehicles, killing NPC's, and game activity. - Purchase Skill Points or earn them by leveling up. - Experience gain increase bonuses per-day. (allows you to have double xp weekends, etc) - Useful default Skills (Weapon Speed, Health, Armor, Jump Height, Run Speed, Damage Increase) - Works on all Gamemodes. - Leaderboard to track the top players in the community. - Modular Creation of new opportunities for earning experience, along with creation of new skills. - Character System Support. - SQL and Sqlite Support - Language Settings. Requirements: PixelUI (https://github.com/TomDotBat/pixel-ui) RDV Library (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2146897844)

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