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**RAX MOTD** Rax motd is my addition, which your players can use, for example, check the rules, visit your website or find out about your server after entering the appropriate command. **INSTALATION** Place the compressed zip file in the addons folder, then unpack and restart the server / game. **CONFIG** In the configuration, you can: - change the command that players open the motd - change the color of the motd - add, delete and configure with buttons **other** Motd is displayed automatically when entering the server, an alternative to opening the window is to enter the raxmotd_open command in the console. The addon works by assigning a url to a given button. After clicking, a website will open ascribed to a given button, it may be, for example, a forum, website with advertisements or regulations. Please do not overdo it with the number of buttons, placing a large number of buttons may reduce the readability of the menu.We recommend a maximum of 6 buttons, but more are possible. Please report bugs to the creator of the script. This may help you avoid similar situations in the future.

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