Essential Server Utilities (Optimised, Clean, User-Friendly)

ronny Seller
uploaded ago


Various simple utilities that changes your server from a standard server, to an excellent one. Features: Context properties restriction > Restrict certain properties to prevent exploiting, or prop grief. (example, no colliding vehicles to drive through buildings Clean Spawnmenu > Restrict spawnmenu tabs to staff ranks. Dupes, entities, post processing, weapons are all restricted to superadmin & admin by default. This makes spawnmenu appear alot cleaner to users & prevents them getting certain weapon/entity id's to exploit. Spawnmenu Tabs > Website & Rule tabs. Easily change the title & link of these tabs in config. Good for non intrusive rule displays. Easily Add Links > Easily add !commands through config. Good for adding website, discord, steamgroup or anything you need. custom !command & link.

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