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The simple bounty system allows players to place a bounty on a person from anywhere on the map without having to look for a hitman. Everything is done through a simple chat command and hitmen are automatically notified of the new target. This system is completely independent form the default DarkRP hitman system. # Features - Simple chat command (/bounty ) Command is silenced so no other players can see it when you enter it. - HUD for hitmen that displays active Hits - Notification system which tells the hitmen how much they have recieved and also informs the target why they were killed. - Abuse preventions (e.g. Hitmen can't place hits, Disabled hitman job for players with active hits, Hitman can't collect on their own hit, 1 hit per player) - Bounties Stack - Config Options - Easy Installation # Installation - Simply drop the bountysytem folder into your addons section. - Open sh_bounty.lua to edit the config options. - Feel free to contact me with any questions.

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