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# ULX SQLified #### a open-source ULX plugin that allows you to syncronize ULX bans and ranks across servers using mySQL. ### Requirements - *ULX and ULib* - *a mySQL server with remote connections enabled* - **mySQLoo server module** ## Installation - *Step 1: Create a mySQL Database and import database.sql* - *Step 2: Create a mySQL User and attach it to said database. (Repeat this step per gmod server, so you can log if a login got stolen from one of your servers.)* - *Step 3: Install the addon* - *Step 4: Configure sql_config.lua with your mySQL user settings* - *Step 5: Done.* # Notice this Plugin is licenced under the GNU GPL v3 License (you cant close-source this) you can always find the latest version of the code here and in the Github (https://github.com/pootis-network/ULX-SQLified). please star and watch our repository and improve our code :trollface:

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It works like a charm

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