HogwartsRP Sorting Hat

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#Hogwarts Sorting Hat A Realistic Looking Sorting Hat For Your HogWartsRP Server. #Features •Sleek Derma Panel •ULX Support •Customizable •3D2D TextScreen #Installation •Buy and download addon •Put addon in /garrysmod/addons folder •Configure addon to your specifications •Enjoy The Addon #Configuring ULX Groups All group names should be EXACTLY the same as below. hufflepuff gryffindor ravenclaw slytherin Make sure to keep it all lowercase All Team names for Jobs must be EXACTLY the same. TEAM_HUFFLEPUFF TEAM_GRYFFINDOR TEAM_RAVENCLAW TEAM_SLYTHERIN #SERVER OWNERS Link To Hat Model ### https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=906536897

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