Better Doors - Group DarkRP Doors

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This is a Workshop supported addon, the download will direct you to the Steam Workshop.

Tired of going up to every door in a building when buying or managing co-owners? With Better Doors you only need to manage one door and the rest will follow! In addition to that, should the main owner sell an apartment or disconnect, co-owners inherit doors. No more "Quick! Buy the doors, I crashed"! # Features - Doors in one group sync with eachother (buy, sell, add / remove owner) - Co-owners inherit if the owner sells / leaves - Buying door groups costs the according multiple of a single door, same with selling it - Easy, one-time setup # Setting up Every door in the same group will sync with eachother. Any doors not in a group behave like usual. Door groups are saved per-map and between sessions. Once set up, you can forget about it! Any Superadmin can set the group of doors using these commands: /setgroup Sets the group of the door you're looking at. Removes it, if no group name is given. /getgroup Prints the group of the door you're looking at. /listgroups

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