Better Hobo Dumpsters

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# The All in One Dumpsters full configurable ## This addon allows hobos to search for Money/Ents/Weapons ### Content Pack # **Installation** 1. Unzip the file 2. Drag and Drop the better_hobo_dumpsters in "garrysmod/addons" 3. Go into bhd_config.lua and change the config how you want it 4. Restart your Server 5. Your Done, Have Fun to use it! # Support If you need support with this addon feel free to create a Support Ticket and i will try to help you with your problems # **Q & A** **Is The Addon Configurable?** Yes! You can see the configuration file here: **Is there logging support?** Yes! The Addons works with mLogs 2 and bLogs currently **How to save the entities to the map?** You need to use **Perma Props** ( ) to save the Dumpsters to the map **Does it work with other Gamemode?** No! The Addon only works for Roleplay Gamemodes(PrisonRP,DarkRP,SkyWarsRP) # **Credits** Code - Code Rewrite/Configuratable - Me

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It is such a great addon

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Cool addon! I like it!

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