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Hey, welcome to BWarn. With the help of BWarn you and your players can fire warning shots. If the player is armed with a firearm and presses the designated key (default: G), the player will go into "warnmode", so if the player shoots someone, the victim will not receive any damage, but will be notified that a warning shot has been fired at them. BWarn comes in a sleek design by default, but you can customize everything to your liking using the Config (sh_baielywarnshot.lua is the config file). ## Customizable stuff: - color (primary, accent, icon) - notification duration - Key Bind - Displayed text This addon is perfect for every serious RP Server using guns, it supports common DarkRP, Military RP and Star Wars RP weapons. If there are any bugs, please report them :) ## ToDo-List: - add logging support (blogs etc.) - proximity mode (using eyetrace) - animate the main notification (low priority) ## Showcase Video: PS: Due to the nature of the addon, it does not work in Singleplayer.

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