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This addon allows players to buy entities,weapons,hp,ap,upgrades and more using in-game credits. Features: **Credit System** - !crstore - Opens menu where players can buy stuff - !cradmin - Opens admin menu where admins can add credits,remove credits and reset credits ( more features W.I.P ) Item Types - Armor - Health - Entities - SWEP - Rank - Speed Boost - Jump Boost **Prometheus Support** Server Owners can now add to their prometheus the option to buy Credits into the game! In Custom Action: Prometheus.Temp.Ply:KWAddCredits(AMOUNT OF CREDITS) *Example* Prometheus.Temp.Ply:KWAddCredits(25) **Multiple Language Support** If you want to add a language go to the file /sh/credit_lang.lua and simply add your language. There are 2 Languages written by me: - English - Polish **Multiple Category system** You can add as many categories as you want! **Workshop Content**

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