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# Desert Bus Deluxe Desert Bus was originally a satirical parody of simulation genre originally unreleased for the Sega CD. You or one of your friends will take the role of a bus driver, and will have to drive the riveting job of traversing the Nevada desert. # Map Features • Fully steerable, running off road will penalize you with needing to repair the front wheel. • You can stop the bus and walk around. • Randomised scenery across 165 miles of desert road. • No mounting requirements & integrated custom textures and sounds. • Unpredictable random events throughout the journey. • Functional radio with various songs. • Audible rumble strips to warn you when you stray too far to the edge of the highway. • Full multiplayer support. # Bus Features • 300ci engine with a peak power of 198HP achieving a possible top speed of 45MPH • Poor wheel alignment meaning the bus will never drive straight. • Real 3D rear view mirror for keeping an eye on passengers. • Fully functional odometer to gauge how far has been driven. • Fully non functional speedometer & tachometer for aesthetic purposes. • Roof access with ladder and a hatch to drop back in. • Seats up to 12 people, 32 if you're desperate. • Honkable horn.

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