Matrix's Custom Printers v1 [DarkRP]

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**Matrix's Custom Printers v1 is a sleek and easy to use printer system which are upgradeable. You're able to put materials and change colors of the printer as you wish and turn of certain aspects of the printers aswell. A Premium version (V2) is in the works.** # How to create your own custom printers - Copy & Paste any of the default Printers.(NOT sprinter_printer_base) - Rename the Copy to anything you want. - Open and configure to your liking. - Restart & Done! # How to change the look of the buttons - Open IMGUI.lua - Change the settings to your liking. - Restart your server and done! # Found an Issue/bug? Make a comment or add me on steam. or add my discord: Matrix#3776 # Credits - Matrix - Coding/Design - Wyozi/Hobbes - IMGUI

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