JustPlayer's Expression 2 Functions

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All functions can be disabled per-category ingame. Up-to-date descriptions can be seen in the Ingame-helper for E2. ## Current Functions ### DarkRP Doors - Entity:IsDoor(): Check if the Entity is a door - Entity:isMyDoor(): Check if the Entity is your door - Entity:isDoorOwned(): Check if the Door is already owned by someone - Entity:isDoorOwnable(): Check if you can own the door - Entity:IsDoorOwnedBy(ply): Check if the input player owns the door (or is co-owner) - Entity:isDoorLocked(): Check if the door is locked - Entity:doorLock(): Locks the door - Entity:doorUnlock(): Unlocks the door - Entity:getDoorTitle(): Returns the door title - Entity:setDoorTitle(): Set the door title - Entity:clearDoorCoOwners(): Remove all Co-Owners of the door - Entity:addDoorCoOwner(): Add a door co-owner - Entity:removeDoorCoOwner(): Remove a door co-owner Please note that you need to own the door to change the proberties of the door (Lock/Unlock or co owners for example) If you have ideas/suggestions what i should add just let me know :)

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