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This is a Workshop supported addon, the download will direct you to the Steam Workshop.

A cool addon that adds sweps wich allows you to do some cool moves! At the moment the animations only look right when u stand still! # SERVER OWNERS: I recently added a new command that lets players give themselves the sweps without having to enter the weapons menu (meant for other gamemodes that aren't sandbox based). Disable use of the command with "leaf_handies_command 0" convar. The middlefinger animation only works with higher detail models. Not citizens or rebels! Blame this on valve! # Known addons that break Handies: PAC3 having any addon that replaces HL2 models and v_models breaks this addon. such as: SMG appearing # Currently you can do these things: Dab Surrender Frontflip Middle-Finger Facepunch Salute # How do I use this?: Hold Q and click weapons, then select the Handies category, or you can spawn them using the command "leaf_handies *name*".

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